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Everything boils down to relationship. God, as a "triune" Being, exists as perfect loving relationship. Mankind was created and designed for relationship with each other and with God. What Adam and Eve sacrificed in the garden was relationship. We were never intended to live in personal independence. Jesus came to restore relationship by eradicating our sin, our rebellious independence.

You and I are designed with limits on purpose. We are created needing each other. We believe that no one can fully experience all that God has for them outside relationship with His family. If this is true then there is a fundamental responsibility one the Church to live in relationship and upon the individual Jesus follower to participate in that relationship.

At Hope 4 Life we acknowledge and embrace God's perfect design for humanity: to live in loving (other centered) relationship with Jesus and with each other. Each ministry of our church is being designed and implemented with the goal of creating and facilitating relationship. We create frequent opportunities for community fellowship and encourage our people to socialize together outside of the church. We strive to never do institutionally what can be done relationally and to only do institutional things in such a way as to facilitate relationship.

You are welcome to come and enter into relationship with us. If you feel God's call to become a part of our Hope 4 Life family, we will embrace you. If you feel the call to find and enter into relationship with another family group within God's Family, we will release you to them with blessing and hope for you to prosper and be fruitful where God plants you.

Meeting Times

Sunday School


Sunday Service and Kids Church


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Sunday Evening Schedule:

1st Sunday of the Month
Circle of Love at 6PM

Service Times & Directions

Sunday Morning

Sunday School: 9:15 am

Service: 10:30 am

Nursery: After Praise and Worship

Childrens Ministry: 10:30 am

Sunday Evening

All meetings start at: 6:00pm

1st Sunday: Circle of Love

Wednesday Evening

All services: 6:30 pm

Friday Morning

Mens Bible Study: 6:30 am

3502 Rebecca Lane
Abilene, TX 79606
(325) 692-7009

Hope 4 Life is situated on Rebecca Lane in between Ridgemont and Catclaw. Click the address above for a Google Map of the area.